VIRGINIAforever is proud to be an effective advocate for protecting the best of Virginia’s open and working lands and improving the health of our rivers, streams, and the Chesapeake Bay. However, future success can only be accomplished if we continue to speak with one voice about the importance of land and water investments. VIRGINIAforever invites you to learn more about becoming a member of our unique, consensus-based coalition.

Membership enables access to a range of unique benefits:

  • Environmental benefits. We are leading the effort to secure necessary funding to protect our lands and restore our waters for future generations.
  • A unique, consensus-driven coalition. Our broad-based coalition fosters a meaningful collaboration between economic development and conservation/environmental interests.
  • A unique focus. We are the only statewide organization that has a primary focus on increasing funding for natural resources protection.
  • Advocacy. Our broad-based approach has a greater influence on the budget process than could any entity acting alone.
  • Economies of scale. Advocacy in support of our mission is less expensive for individual stakeholders than it would be for each of them acting alone.
  • Platform for environmental leadership. We provide a visible, credible, and respected platform for all members to exercise conservation and environmental leadership.
  • Businesses’ stake in quality of life. By improving and protecting Virginia’s natural resources, the quality of life for current and future employees will be enhanced.
  • Access to government leaders. Members are granted access to events and programs such as the annual Bridge Builder Celebration and a General Assembly budget briefing at which members, legislators, state agency heads, and other government representatives are in attendance.
  • Ongoing communication. Communications are provided throughout the year updating members on the environmental news from state agencies and progress of VIRGINIAforever priorities.

Membership categories:

  • Individual (membership dues range between $100-$1,000)
  • Non-profit (membership dues range between $500-$5,000)
  • Business (membership dues range between $1,500-$45,000)

As members of VIRGINIAforever, individuals, organizations and businesses are expected to adhere to the following standards:

  • Support our mission statement and vision
  • Agree to work cooperatively and collaboratively with VIRGINIAforever members and staff
  • Attend VIRGINIAforever meetings
  • Support our annual Bridge Builder Celebration and other major special events
  • Assist with advocacy initiatives
  • Help recruit and mentor new members

If you are interested in joining VIRGINIAforever, please contact us.