Five-Year Plan

Five-Year Plan

Virginia’s history is as much a story of its land and water as it is a story of the people and communities that its natural resources have sustained. In the past 50 years, the population of the Commonwealth has doubled to eight million citizens. As a result, the demands on our land and water have never been greater nor has the necessity to heed Virginia’s constitutional charge: “To protect its atmosphere, lands, and waters from pollution, impairment, or destruction, for the benefit, enjoyment and general welfare of the Commonwealth.” VIRGINIAforever stands by this commitment.

To continue the progress that has been made and to enable future protection of our natural resources, VIRGINIAforever members worked collaboratively to develop a consensus-based five-year plan to serve as a vision for the Commonwealth. The VIRGINIAforever five-year plan declares funding goals for the state to enable continued land conservation and water quality improvement. These goals include:

Land Conservation

VIRGINIAforever calls on the Commonwealth to achieve the following five-year funding goals for land conservation:

$833,785,000 to protect…

  • 120,000 acres of working farms
  • 240,000 acres of forestland
  • 50,000 acres of historic places
  • 40,000 acres of natural areas
  • 50,000 acres of recreational lands

Water Quality Improvement

VIRGINIAforever calls on the Commonwealth to achieve the following five-year funding goals for water quality improvement:

$805,000,000 to include…

  • $50 million for wastewater treatment facility upgrades from fiscal year 2017 through fiscal year 2019
  • $50 million each year for stormwater management
  • $505 million over the next five years for agricultural best management practices

VIRGINIAforever urges you to consider carefully how you can be a part of moving these goals forward. Despite what we have achieved, the work is not over. It has just begun.